Shift Project: Progress Report

This document is intended to provide prospective users and partners with a comprehensive summary of the Shift Project’s activities preceding our upcoming release. It contains a detailed summary of the progress the Shift Project has made during the last year, providing the information necessary to understand the background behind the creation of the world’s first […]

Development Update 2/2

By Shift Team in Newsletter on Oct 3, 2018 Dear Community, Today’s is a very important development update. Firstly, we will be revealing significant information concerning the pricing model that will underpin the locking mechanism used to allocate storage on our platform. Following that, and as promised in our previous newsletter, we will be discussing advances […]

How Create a Website Decentralized on Shift Project

This guide explain how steps you can follow to create your decentralized website over shift project step by step, so let start. First you can prepare your static website, I will download a free template for that purpose from here you can download all files needed and adjust to your needs: I extract all files in […]

Development Update

Dear Community, We had hoped last week, at the conclusion of August, to share with you news of our latest development progress, however, due to it coinciding with Craig’s completion of some crucial work, we decided to wait a short while longer so that we could announce a significant achievement. Thanks to Craig’s efforts coding […]

How use Web Wallet on Shift Project

Here is a little guide to show you all about wallet and how is working on shift, for this guide we will use a testnet environment (Shift have two blockchains mainet and testnet, in testnet all development process is where is applied first, when all is ready and tested is sended to mainet, that process […]

Phantom Screencast

Dear Community, In our last community update, we, the Shift Team, announced our intention to release onto the testnet by the conclusion of Q3, a publicly accessible version of our flagship dApp, Phantom, capable of providing a blockchain-enabled, decentralized storage and hosting solution. In addition, we also promised to prepare a glimpse of what is […]

Decentralized Storage & Hosting Solution, and New Token Utilities Coming at the End of Q3!

Dear Community, The last few weeks have been incredibly exciting for the Shift Team. The origin of this excitement is twofold. Firstly, we have been working on various fronts to complete several integral components of Shift’s web hosting platform, that move it into the realm of publicly accessible software. Secondly, we have redistributed roles in […]