How use Web Wallet on Shift Project

Here is a little guide to show you all about wallet and how is working on shift, for this guide we will use a testnet environment (Shift have two blockchains mainet and testnet, in testnet all development process is where is applied first, when all is ready and tested is sended to mainet, that process warranty that any possible bug, don’t affect in mainet where real coins are saved), all coins on testnet don’t have any value, but can show you how is working all environment.

To start go to you will see something like this:

Here is important explain that two kind of wallets are available for final users, wallet are where your coins are stored, first one is webwallet, you need to be sure that is a valid an official webwallet, because you will put your password on it, so if is not a real, you can lost your coins, to avoid that problem you can download another wallet called Shift Nano, this wallet is installed on to your PC locally, that give you more security when you are login and make any transaction, to download shift nano you can go to to download last release, install is very easy, don’t require any specific step, and you will see something like this:

Both tools allow you make all transactions/activities like, send coins, apply/delete votes, register a delegate, check top 101 of active delegates and other topics, just in shift nano at beginning you select between mainet or testnet chain or even a specific, but in webwallet URL change between using testnet and using mainet.

We will use webwallet to create an address, so press button NEW ACCOUNT:

Next screen will show your passphrase, here is important mention that this passphrase is the real password for your wallet, is not possible assign a particular password, always system get you a passphrase with 12 random words, so you need store it in a good place, if you lost your passphrase you loss access to your coins and no one can help you to restore it or get access again to that funds.

So now press NEXT STEP button, webwallet will ask you to put your passphrase again to valid that you store it, in shift nano can ask you for just one word to valid, so insert your passphrase and click button CONFIRM:

If passphrase is ok, you will get a new window where you can manage your coins, here your address is displayed in the purple rectangle, and in top at left of button SEND you will see your coins also in balance rectangle, this time is 0, you can ask to any team member(Heisenberg) for some coins to play with wallet, you can go to chat Ryver you need Register if you are a new member:

Your address is very important because is the way that you can make any transaction, so if you want paid to another people you need an address to complete it, so you can get it from your wallet, in this example my address is 2661032942176828321S:

Well I ask for some coins to Heisenberg a team member, so now we can explore more options in the web wallet, because my wallet show a balance of 500 SHIFT let make some transactions.

First you can take a look on your Latest Transactions here you can see Who send coins to your address or where you send coins, time when was sent and amount with fee in that transaction:

For example where the coins come from? The 500 shift coins to my address, if you press on Sender address you will get a screen with information about sender, balance, some conversions to BTC, USD and EUR:

If you press on button transaction you will get a specific ID 15346363711249355423 from your transaction with all information related, all this information can be consulted on other tool called explorer:

We can take a quick overview of explorer to understand a little how is working all environment of shift, but in another guide we will cover with more detail explorer tool, at same of webwallet, explorer URL change for testnet or mainet, so to check testnet you can go to you will get a screen like this:

So even you can see that our transaction with same ID 15346363711249355423 is on top of Latest Transactions and reflects all information about our movement of coins, so all is totally transparent, and all people can check your transactions because explorer is a public tool, if you put the ID on top of explorer on input left of the logo and press Enter your will get more details, like block where transaction was made it, how many confirmations are applied, etc.:



Let send some coins, for now we are moving coins to same address that sent original coins to avoid the needed of create another address, for this example will be 18294662001496320345S so in your webwallet, in dashboard section just press on button SEND, that will give you next screen, here you will put Recipient Address and Amount of Shift (10) you want to send, every time you make a transaction, a little fee will be charged, this time 0.01 Shift, so just press button SEND SHIFT:


So now a new screen will ask for your passphrase to verify your authorization, if you provide it and press button SEND SHIFT, this will send transaction to blockchain to be confirmed:

Again you will get a record on your dashboard in section Latest Transactions with all details of your movements, and now you can check your transaction sended with 10 shift and is negative, again with a fee of 0.01, so all transactions you make with your wallet will be reflected on your dashboard:

An important topic to increase your security, is create a second passphrase but at same time increase risk of lost your funds if you don’t store both passphrases in a good place, when is active a second passphrase, one will open your wallet and second will confirm transactions, so for activate it just go to top in the three points button and select option 2nd Passphrase:

After that a new screen will provide you with the new 2nd Passphrase, copy and save it and press button NEXT STEP, generate a New 2nd Passphrase will be reflected like a new transaction with a fee of 0.1 Shift

In next screen is needed confirm your 2nd Passphrase and press CONFIRM SECOND PASSPHRASE to apply transaction:

When you confirm a new screen will ask for your first passphrase and press ADD SECOND PASSPHRASE

If all is ok, now your dashboard will show a new transaction with 2nd Passphrase applyed with a fee of 0.1 Shift but none of amount, now your 2nd Passphrase will needed for confirm any transaction you make it:


Shift is a fork of LISK a DPOS blockchain, this mean a select group of delegates are resolving blocks to get a reward, shift have 101 delegates like actives, and to decide what delegates will be the 101 selected, all address with shift balance can vote for 101 delegates and sum its balance to support that 101 delegates, delegates with more coins support (votes) will be define the 101 active spots, in wallet to check all delegates you need to press option Forging and DELEGATES tab, here you will see all active delegates on blockchain in order of votes, Approval reflects how many votes support that delegate in base of total amount of shift:

If you want to apply your votes just click on checkbox in the left of each delegate, you can apply 33 votes as maximum at time with a cost of 1 Shift, if you vote just for 1 delegate cost will not be reduced, when you are ready press button VOTE:

After that a new window appear confirming what delegates will be voted, so press button CONFIRM VOTE:

Like you remember we apply for a second passphrase so now all confirmations of transactions will request it, if you don’t activate then you will login and confirm transactions with same first passphrase, so insert and press button CONFIRM VOTE:

Now your dashboard will show a new transaction with all votes you are applying:

If you want to check how many votes you applied, just go to section MY VOTES, you have a limit of 101 delegates in total to be voted from your account, here you can unvote a delegate doing same process but now using REMOVE VOTE button, in webwallet you vote and unvote with 2 transactions, that mean you will spend more fee, but if you use Shift Nano, you can vote/unvote in just 1 transaction:

With all this information now you know the basic steps to use the webwallet, in other guides we will cover more details of Shift Project.

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