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The Threat of Censorship.

In today's world, there is no greater potential threat to freedom of information than the Internet operators themselves. Central Servers, Governments and ISP (Internet Service Providers) control the Web and can eliminate access to content through server crashes, blacklists and possession of DNS (Domain Name Servers).

Shift proposes a solution to the problem of censorship and defines how a combination of these new technologies solve this problem.

Our freedom of information is at risk
! Project Shift is about to change that !

The Shift Project replaces some of the fundamental parts of "web hosting" as we know it with a new stack of components that have built-in decentralization.


How does it work?

The built-in domain name monitoring system will continuously monitor all storage nodes in the shift cluster to fill the records.

Phantom dApp is a user interface for managing files through the IPFS network in the cluster. The data can be set based on an intelligent revenue model to be permanently stored in a client and protected from external censorship.

Infografía Shift

Content management system that is compatible with IPFS and preconstructs in the storage node change cluster.

Phantom contains a wizard that enables decentralized web hosting and supports the management of real high-level domains. It will allow to change to create a decentralized web that allows all the daily users to keep their content safe.

for more information please go to official site: Shift Official
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